• Collections MOSAiC software training workshops in Adelaide

    August 18, 2011

Training workshops for users of Collection MOSAiC Plus, the collections management software for small museums, were held over 5 days at the end of July in the RSL Memorial Hall, Torrens Parade Ground, Adelaide.

The sessions were run by MOSAiC’s Perth-based supplier, Rew and Sally-Anne Whittington from ISTechnology and over 15 participants attended each day from all over the State.   These included many representatives from the National Trust of South Australia who have recently adopted this database for use in all their SA branches.   Some members of our CMP museums – from the National Railway Museum, Friedensberg Historic German School Museum, Old Highercombe Hotel Museum, Ayers House Museum, the Tramway Museum, Norwood History & Archive Centre, as well as Gawler and Goolwa Museums – also took advantage of refreshing their skills or learning from scratch this popular user-friendly cataloguing system.

Over half our CMP museums now use MOSAiC for cataloguing their collection.  The sessions cost $132 a day and History SA were able to offer a ‘buy one day, get one free’ to our CMP members.

With titles such as Data Entry & Querying or Data Retrieval, Reporting and Exporting or Administration & Configuration, the daily courses could have been mind-numbing.  However Rew’s sense of humour and years of teaching experience combined with Sally-Anne’s one-on-one help meant even the most dyed-in- the-wool Luddite both enjoyed and benefited from the training.

Collections MOSAiC Plus is currently installed at 530 sites throughout Australia & New Zealand and beyond, in museums, historical societies, galleries, libraries and private collections.  You can now use MOSAiC to put your collections online.

You can find out more about the software and the costs involved at their website or contact Sally-Anne for assistance or ask about their free demonstration packs of the software.

Some members have expressed interest in forming a SA MOSAiC users group to share and discuss issues relating to the system.  If you would like to be part of this, please contact us