• About the network

    The South Australian History Network is an initiative of the History Trust of South Australia.

The South Australian History Network encompasses over 300 largely community-run history organisations around the state such as museums, historical societies, interpretive centres, as well as libraries and archives of a local region, business, school or service organisation.  It also includes re-enactment groups or those involved with restoring and running heritage transport and machinery or undertaking traditional trades or crafts.  It’s an informal network that intends to bring together all those interested in or actively engaged in collecting, preserving and sharing our South Australian community history. 

To this end the History Trust of SA has put together this organisation directory.  It is also a useful resource for those touring the state and wanting to discover South Australia’s rich heritage. This website is maintained by the History Trust’s two community history officers.

The community history officers support and promote South Australia’s history through public programs, grant funds, and the Museums and Collections (MaC) Program.  Established and popular community events including South Australia’s History Festival  play a significant role in engaging South Australians with their histories. The History Trust delivers a range of programs and training workshops aimed at museum and history practitioners, interest groups, schools and families.

The specific role of the History Trust’s community history officers is to provide advice and practical skills training in history practice, museum management and collections management to South Australia’s network of historical organisations, community museums and history practitioners. The History Trust also develop projects that actively engage museums and historical organisations in particular aspects of South Australian history. The History Trust’s community history officers can help you with:

  • developing historical displays
  • preventive conservation
  • developing historical projects
  • setting up and managing collections
  • significance assessment
  • writing history and display text
  • development of collection policies and procedures
  • strategic planning
  • digitisation and oral history projects
  • using the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries

Community history officers also administer the History Trust’s two annual grant funds and work with eligible organisations to enable them to become part of the Museums and Collections (MaC) Program or achieve museum accreditation status.

Skills workshops are offered on a regular basis and community history officers are available to visit museums and other collecting organisations to provide advice and assistance on an as needs basis.