• Medieval Stitches

    March 8, 2012

Every Year the Embroiderers’ Guild of SA and the Embroiderers’ Guild Museum hold an exhibition to coincide with the Adelaide Fringe Festival.  This year the theme was ‘Medieval’ and last week I went to the launch of ‘A Bouquet of Medieval Stitches’.

The annual Fringe event is an exhibition of Guild members’ work, showcasing the significance of embroidery and textile art in people’s lives and the talents and many diverse areas of expertise of Guild members.  Each year a different theme is chosen and it was interesting to see the different takes on medieval that exhibitors have taken – focussing on certain colours, styles or stitches, and using well known medieval embroidery icons as the inspiration for modern pieces of work.

The Embroiderers’ Guild Museum complements every Fringe exhibition with an exhibition of its own, so drawing on its substantial and fully documented collections, this year the museum is displaying actual medieval period and medieval themed embroideries. The whole Guild premises are bursting with colour, intricate stitching and some interesting takes on the medieval theme.

The exhibition is open until 17 March 10 – 4 daily and until 8pm on Thursdays.