• Changes at Gawler Museum

    February 13, 2013

I haven’t been to see the Gawler Museum for a few years, so it was great earlier this week to see the changes that have been made.  Last time I was at the museum the section under the mezzanine floor was partitioned off and used for an uninviting work and crowded storage area and there was nowhere to store larger collection items not being used in displays.  But the museum’s been working hard getting a large new store room and workroom built and now the partition is down, the staircase to the mezzanine moved to a more practical spot and the displays set out in a more inviting way.  The museum is planning a grand opening for the store/workroom in May.

One of my favourite displays at the museum has always been the items relating to Timers Fashions, a local clothing manufacturer that was a significant part of the economic life of the town and a major employer of women.  Not only is the new display more appealing but the subject matter is a great way to use some of the costume and other textile items that the museum has in its collection, which are sometimes hard to present in interesting ways.

I love the donation box too!  More donation and fundraising examples from SA museums are here.