• Full on Day Out at Loxton Village

    October 16, 2014

You would think I would see enough museums in the course of my normal work, but I couldn’t resist the draw of the Loxton Village Kids’ Day Out on 8 October during the school holidays and the chance to see the newly installed signs that are helping to interpret key buildings in the Village streetscape. So, with son and parents in tow I headed off for what was a fun packed few hours of activities.

There was kite making (the main street of the Village is great for running along with kites!), butter and damper making, rides on the historic carousel, the steam engine to pretend to drive, tricycles to ride on as a special way to get around the Village, and of course the many different buildings and displays to explore.  Heaps of damper was made and there were squeals of excitement when the little round loaves were taken from the camp ovens to the Institute Building where they could be broken open, spread with the butter (that visitors were making) and devoured.

The event was great – plenty to do, loads of fantastic volunteers working hard to make the day run smoothly and heaps of happy children (and parents) having a terrific family day out.  The Village Loxton runs events like the Kids’ Day Out two or three times a year – get along if you get a chance, with or without children in tow!