• Australian Made Museum

    September 1, 2015

Tucked away in a residential street in Birkenhead is an interesting maritime themed museum. After hearing about Austbuilt Museum over many years, Amanda finally got to visit it. The Austbuilt Museum is the result of one man’s passion for collecting ‘Australian made’ maritime objects. Over decades Keith Le Leu collected from around Australia and internationally, housing the collection in several buildings. After Keith passed away the Port Adelaide Historical Society (PAHS) took over the running of the museum. The PAHS has other interests too, with a history room and archival collection to manage along with historical talks and tours – running a museum is a new venture for the group. One of the things that PAHS is interested in doing is adding more of a Port Adelaide focus to the collections, branching out from the maritime theme to develop a collection that more fully encompasses the aims of the Society. Lots of work ahead!