• Morgan Railway Museum

    A complex of old railway buildings on Morgan's historic water front

Located in the old railway buildings on the river front, the museum consists of the ticket office, railway refreshment room, oil shed and railway platform cranes, railway track and miscellaneous carriages.

The historic railway station once handled an assortment of cargo and passengers transferring from river to rail, Morgan owing much of its existence to the running the railways. The steam engine Pioneer made its first run into Morgan on 17 April 1878 while the last train, the Duchess of Gloucester, pulled out 91 years later in November 1969. Six trains a day were once in operation and the Morgan line became the busiest in the state.

The station platform and ticket office first became Morgan’s waterfront museum when it was opened to the public on 2 April 1988 with exhibits concentrating on the paddlesteamer/railway trade of the illustrious past assisted further by underwater discoveries from the area. This building is now run as a craft shop.

Next door to the ticket office is the Railway Refreshment Room which was built in the 1920s to cater for passengers transferring from train to bus. The building became known as Pendle’s Room named after Wally Pendle, who took over the running of the mail and passenger service. Starting with T model Fords and extending to buses he continued until 1949, when the business was taken over by the Stateliner Pty Ltd. It is estimated that 400,000 passengers were safely transported.

There is a section of railway track which serviced the wharf area and the stockyards at the end of the line.

The Visitor Information Centre is housed in the former station masters residence.

Morgan Visitor Information Centre
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Morgan Railway Museum

A complex of old railway buildings on Morgan's historic water front